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About us

Our mission

What started out as a single product launch in 2010, has grown to become a market defining line of modular accessories and cases for the iPad, iPad Mini, and iPhone. Our products are loved by design minded consumers the world over, as well as businesses looking for innovative, design-lead iPad integration.

Today, Studio Proper is a busy industrial design studio with 5 contsantly evolving in-house brands that exist alongside a vibrant consulting business where we create technology-centric solutions for businesses globally.

At Studio Proper we believe in

Creating products that enhance every interaction.

Designing for humans.

Real world use as the center of our process.

Beautiful materials used in unexpected ways to create products that delight.


  • Its clever magnetic action makes it quick and easy to attach or detach, and also makes for a cool floating illusion. If you have one of those aforementioned devices, Wallee is a top solution.
  • Sometimes a product is perfectly named. That's certainly true of the Clumsy Case, a colorful rubberized foam case that fits snugly around an iPad to protect it from the inevitable knocks and thumps that can occur when kids — or perhaps even you — use an iPad. Available in red, blue and green, the Clumsy Case has chunky, rounded sides that make it easy for little hands to grab. Depending on your preference, you can plop the case on your lap or prop up the iPad for tabletop viewing.
    USA Today
  • The Wallee M car mount has two advantages over regular smartphone car docks. Because the system uses magnets, it reduces the bulk you normally see on other cradles and mounts. Secondly, the magnets mean that it's the easiest cradle we've ever used. It's effortless to attach and remove your phone and it's also one of the better looking car mounts we've seen.
    PC World
  • The entire Wallee M ecosystem is simple, effective and affordable and offers plenty of options for customers to suit their needs.
    Tech Guide
  • Pop your iPad inside and you still have access to the ports. Just make sure you have the iPad lined up so that the speaker at one end will sit near the air holes that let the sound resonate. It will help to protect the tablet if small hands drop it and also works as a stand when you want to kick back and watch the screen.We dropped our iPad on the floor and the case absorbed the impact.

Meet our team

  • Melita Yuen

    Studio Assistant

    Melita is a Studio Assistant at Studio Proper, taking care of all incoming enquiries, inventory, marketing and public relations and manages the studio’s daily workflow. She is currently completing a Bachelor of Interior Design at RMIT and has a tertiary background in Management/Marketing, leading to a multidisciplinary approach.Admiring designers such as Peter Rich and Rem Koolhaas, Melita is interested in design that places the user at the centre of inspiration for new technologies, perceptions and outcomes.Melita has a professional background as a theatrical design assistant under the direction of Renee Mulder for La Boite Theatre Company, as well as working as an events stylist & co producer for the Brisbane City Council, production designer for QPIX Films and arts administrator for the Institute of Modern Art.
  • Patrick Oconnell

    Industrial Designer

    Patrick OʼConnell was born in 1987 and studies Industrial Design at the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology. During his final graduate year he interned under Creative Director Simone LeAmon at the OS Initiative. Inspired by the works of minimalists Bruno Munari and Naoto Fukasawa, Patrick aims to achieve equal balances between simplicity, function, materials and use to achieve forms that inspire.

    Patrickʼs work touches many disciplines, from hand held product design, furniture, electronics and lighting. Spending most of 2011 as a freelancer working from his CBD based studio, and just recently finished a 12 month design residency at DDK Office Interiors in Brunswick.
  • Melvin Choo

    Mechanical / Industrial Designer

    Melvin is Studio Proper's Mechanical/Industrial Designer. With over 10-years of consulting and in-house design experience, his career path started with a diploma and an internship at Honda's motorcycle engine manufacturing facility.

    While studying for a undergraduate degree, Melvin gained his first product design role with Clarion. Since then, he has worked with Motorola, and a host of Melbourne-based design consultancies.

    His most recent academic achievement is a Masters in Design, and his favourite part of the job is combining design surfaces on the outside with mechanical engineering concepts on the inside.
  • Alon Tamir

    Managing Director / Designer

    Alon Tamir is a product and interaction design focused entrepreneur. Having worked in a variety of industries, including international stints in inspiring places like New York City where Alon earned a BA in computer science, worked for several technology companies, and learned how to say “fuhggedabaudit”.

    Drawing on his experiences in life, travel and business paired with keen interest in all things design, Alon bootstrapped an early brainchild, called The Wallee, into production.

    Off the back of The Wallee's early success, Studio Proper was founded and has grown into a flourishing product design studio blending in house brands sold direct to consumers globally with an energetic design consultancy working with leading global brands.