Range Update - More AirTag Cases & accessories!

As an Apple Authorised Reseller we've seen fantastic demand for Apple Airtags since they launched at the end of April, and we've been floored by the huge response to the pre-order of our DogTag product for pets!

So much so that we're expanding the availability of the Proper AirTag Case which is featured in the DogTag as a stand-alone product. This plucky little enclosure fully encloses your AirTag and allows for it to be installed onto just about anything!

We've focused on the application of bikes and bags as two primary uses, knowing that small peace of mind that comes with knowing you can track your laptop bag or pride-and-joy commuter is so important to many.

This enclosure allows you to mount your AirTag onto almost any part of your bike using two included zip-ties. It's two part construction sandwiches around the AirTag and keeps it secure using a nut and bolt.

Adding more protection from the elements than an exposed AirTag, this enclosure can be hidden under bike-seats, or tucked next to lights or reflectors. 

The included accessories mean you can attach it to almost any bag or everyday carry as well. It can be looped onto a bag strap, hidden inside pockets or where-ever your imagination takes you. 

In addition to the AirTag Case, we have a range of premium, minimal keychain accessories to suit everyone. Leather swings, tidy little covers and a flexible loop you can easily move from one set to another. 
All of these products, including the DogTag are available for pre-order with very near term shipping expected! You can check out the range, including Apple AirTags (in stock and available now) in the link below;


Banner photo by Đức Trịnh on Unsplash