Revolutionising Point of Sale: Custom Hardware for Lorna Jane.


This case study showcases the successful implementation of custom hardware solutions provided by Studio Proper to a leading athleisure brand in Australia. The custom hardware, including modular shell and rugged cases for iPads and iPhones, and custom white aluminium stands, played a pivotal role in replacing the brand's legacy point of sale (POS) system. The objective was to enhance operational efficiency, protect devices, and create a flexible and seamless retail experience.

Client Background:

The client is a global athletic apparel retailer, with over 100 retail locations, known for their high-quality sportswear. With a strong presence and growing customer base, the brand recognised the need to replace their outdated legacy POS system with a more modern and flexible solution to streamline their retail operations.


The athleisure brand faced several challenges related to their legacy POS system, including:

Outdated Technology: The existing POS system lacked the advanced features and functionalities required to keep pace with evolving customer expectations and retail industry standards.

Device Protection: iPads used for mobile point of sale are susceptible to damage from handling and accidents, leading to increased costs for device replacements.

Flexibility and Mobility: The brand required a solution that allowed for both fixed point of sale and mobile point of sale capabilities, providing flexibility to meet customer demands and adapt to different store layouts.

Solution Provided:

Our company designed and supplied modular custom hardware solutions to address the challenges faced by the athleisure brand during the replacement of their legacy POS system:

Modular Shell Cases: We provided shell cases that seamlessly connected to custom white aluminium stands. These modular cases offered enhanced device protection while allowing for easy attachment and detachment from the stands. This modular design facilitated quick and convenient transition between fixed point of sale and mobile point of sale scenarios.

Rugged Cases: For iPads used in mobile point of sale applications, we supplied rugged cases. These cases provided advanced protection against impacts, water and dust, ensuring the longevity and durability of the devices during on-the-go transactions.

Custom White Aluminium Stands: Our custom white aluminium stands were designed to securely hold the iPads when used in fixed point of sale configurations. The stands offered a professional and visually appealing display, while also providing easy connectivity to the brand's backend systems. The modular design of the stands allowed for seamless integration with the modular shell cases, enabling effortless transition to mobile point of sale.

Implementation and Results:

The implementation of the custom hardware solutions was executed in collaboration with Studio Proper partners; Sektor and Datacom, alongside the retailer's IT and store design teams. 

The results of the legacy system replacement were highly impactful:

Enhanced Efficiency: The new modular hardware solutions streamlined the brand's retail operations, offering improved functionality and advanced features to enhance customer service and transaction processing.

Device Protection: The modular shell and rugged cases provided robust device protection, minimising the risk of damage and reducing device replacement costs.

Flexibility and Mobility: The modular design of the hardware solutions allowed for seamless transition between fixed point of sale and mobile point of sale scenarios, providing the brand with the flexibility to meet customer demands and adapt to different store layouts.

Our custom modular hardware solutions successfully replaced a legacy POS system, providing the athleisure brand with enhanced operational efficiency, device protection, and the flexibility to accommodate both fixed and mobile point of sale requirements. The seamless integration of modular shell cases and custom stands contributed to a modern and streamlined retail experience for both the brand and its customers.

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