7 Accessories for Better iPhone Photography

You carry your iPhone with you everywhere, making it the perfect photographic tool

The iPhone is currently the most popular smartphone camera on Flickr. Why? Because it’s the one that’s with you all the time. With your iPhone camera, you never miss a shot.

iPhone users snap hundreds of photos each week, and there are a few things you can do to take better pictures with your iPhone. We’d like to help you take your iPhone photography to the next level using the following seven accessories for better iPhone photography.

Let’s take a look at these photo enhancing accessories:

1. The Grip&Shoot

With the Grip&Shoot, you can wirelessly control your iPhone camera with just one hand! You’ll say goodbye to shaky photos and video, plus it works with the free Grip&Shoot App. Ever had a tired hand from holding your iPhone and snapping photos? The Grip&Shoot has an ergonomic handle and a removable tripod stand, so you can shoot photos (and video, too) in comfort.

Get: Grip&Shoot


This unique accessory empowers your smartphone to take exceptional photos with low noise, even in dark environments. It’s powerful and lightweight with incredible performance. Basically, the QX100 is a camera shrunk down into a lens that connects to your smartphone.

You mount the QX100 on your iPhone. You can even control it when it’s not mounted. Your capabilities include shooting from extreme angles and limited spaces. Plus, you can take beautiful shots with your preferred camera settings, save and organize them as usual, and touch them up and share them.

Get: Sony DSC-QX100 

3. GripTight GorillaPod Stand

We love this tripod! Not only does it stand on its own three feet, but it wraps around just about any object you can find. This inventive company invented the GorillaPod because, of course, the world isn’t flat. They wanted a tripod that could adapt to uneven terrain and help you create your own photography studio. With more than 24 grippy leg joints that bend, it also rotates 360°. 

Get: GripTight GorillaPod Stand

4. Super Fisheye 235° Clip-On Lens

This incredible lens captures photos with a 235° view of the world. The high quality lens captures a super wide photo with very little, if any, distortion. The lens is easy to use and portable. You can remove it easily with a flexible clip. With the addition of the vignette option, you’ll be taking the most interesting iPhone photos!

Get: Super Fisheye 235° Clip-On Lens

5. Muku Shuttr

You probably know you can use your iPhone’s own self timer to get yourself into the right position for a portrait, but to minimize camera shake, a better method is the wireless remote shutter release. The Shuttr is small and lightweight. You can attach it to your keychain and use it any time you want to take a photo with your iPhone. It helps you take great selfies and group photos from as far away as 30 feet.

Get: Muku Shuttr

6. Jackery Bar External Battery

If you’re going to be out and about and nowhere near a regular outlet, then an external charger is a must for the iPhone photographer. This small, lightweight external battery allows you to extend your photo-taking time and carry your iPhone with you anywhere and anytime, fully charged. You can keep shooting while simultaneously charging your iPhone!

Get: Jackery Bar External Battery

7. Nova Off Camera Wireless Flash

Your iPhone’s built-in flash is fine in most situations, but purchasing a dedicated light source designed for fantastic photography provides you a better, more reliable source of light. With a dedicated light source, you have a steady, consistent light source that provides dramatic effects. The Nova Flash works wirelessly and is thin enough to fit in your wallet when not in use. With a choice of 40 diffused warm and cool LEDs, you’ll find the perfect light every time. 

Get: Nova

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