iPad Your Way to a Better Vacation

Never travel with a laptop again. Let your iPad do all the heavy lifting – it can certainly handle it.

As we get nearer and nearer to summer, that means many of you are busy planning summer vacations. With that planning often comes the stress of deciding what to pack. There is at least one thing you shouldn’t leave at home this summer, and that’s your iPad.

To help you out, here are our top tips for using your iPad on vacation:

Mini Movie Theater

Pre-load movies to your iPad before you leave for your trip, and you’ll have instant access to entertainment. Try a kick stand, and you’ll find it easier to watch a movie with your travel partner.

You can also stream movies, TV and much more right from your iPad.

Out-of-sight Game Player

Whether you’re traveling with kids or grown-ups, nearly everyone likes to play games on the iPad. From Solitaire to Angry Birds to Minecraft and more, there’s a game for everyone. Most people download games before leaving for vacation. 

Books Without Dog-Eared Pages

The great thing about reading on the iPad is you can take multiple books with you without having to carry any of them. Stored right on your iPad, reading is ultra enjoyable – people like to read their iPads on vacation while they’re at the pool, at the beach, on the airplane, in the car and in bed.

With the iPad, you can download books for everyone in the family – kids’ books, educational books, mysteries, romances and much more. Plus, all you have to carry is one light-weight device: your iPad.

Mini Workstation

While we don’t advocate taking your work with you while on vacation, unfortunately many people have to stay in touch with their office. If you are a workaholic and must work while on vacation, be sure and take a Bluetooth keyboard with you. Most people find this easier to use when they have a lot of work-typing to do.

People also like to check their work email from their iPad and login to their office’s cloud to access and update files.

Video Chat

For those who leave loved ones at home, many people like to use FaceTime or Skype while on vacation. This makes vacation separation easier for children and adults alike. Video chatting also lets people share their vacation in real-time. Couldn’t take your spouse with you? Take your iPad to the beach and visit by video to share the view!

Essential Photographer

Many people use their iPad to meet their photography needs. Whether it’s vacation photos or selfies, the iPad is easy to use and a great way to document a vacation. Download a few apps and edit your photos while you’re relaxing. It’ll be one less thing to do when you get home. 

Tour Guide

The iPad is the quintessential tour guide. With an app like Google Maps, you can navigate new cities faster and easier. Maps help you find the best spots in town while on your vacation and help you get there with ease.

Using the iPad as a tour guide is one of the best ways people use an iPad while on vacation.

Essential Organizer

Download apps like TripIt to consolidate all of your travel plans in one place. You’ll never lose an airplane ticket, hotel or car reservation again.

Experienced Restaurant Guide

Another way people use their iPad while on vacation is as a restaurant finder. Download an app like Open Table, and you’ll be amazed at how easy it is to find a place to eat during your vacation.

No-Fuss Translator

Vacationing in a foreign country? Definitely take your iPad. People find that iPad apps help with translating, and they can erase language barriers. An iPad app like Google Translate makes foreign travel much easier. 

The Stress-Free Vacation Can Be Yours…

Just take your iPad. Lighter than a laptop with a bigger screen than your iPhone, you’ll find innumerable ways to use your iPad on your next vacation. Whether you need to work, be entertained or learn about local hot spots, the iPad is there to help you in light-weight style and with a generous battery life.

Have you taken your iPad on vacation before? If you found great uses for it, please share them below. We’d love to hear about them.

When planning your vacation, consider adding one of our sturdy iPad cases – they offer great protection, and they mount to other items you might find handy such as the hand strap and Tripod Mount.

Image: Dani Alvarez

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