Who Wouldn’t Want a Hologram in Their Home?

With the Holovit app, you bring the future right into your home. With this amazing technology, you can watch holograms using your smartphone, tablet or laptop. Holovit even created a game where you can create your own holograms; it’s available on Google Play and the App Store. They created three screens that change videos to free-floating holograms using optical illusion. What’s more, it seems that you can turn yourself into a hologram and share videos on social media. It looks like this futuristic product will delight young and old alike. It’s also sure to entice your friendly feline and pet dog as well!

Drinking Water Made Easy

Developed by a kidney cancer survivor in California, the DayBottle ensures you’ll never forget to drink the recommended ounces of water each day. After the designer, Matthew McCreary, was told to drink a lot of water, he realized he had no way to keep track of it every day. Hence, the DayBottle. You can literally take this bottle with you anywhere and feel comfortable drinking from it as it’s BPA free and dishwasher safe. Perhaps the most refreshing thing about this bottle, is that it’s electronic-free. No need to manage it with a smartphone. It’s a non-obtrusive reminder to get in the recommended amount of water each and every day.

Say Goodbye to the Distracting Page Turn

The Page Chaser is an innovative product from designer, Hyeon Joo Lee. Magically, the Page Chaser, a very special bookmark, automatically shifts its position every time you turn the page. A folded, flexible ribbon, the Page Chaser turns your pages for you an infinite number of times before you must recharge. Colorful and helpful, the Page Chaser changes the world for avid readers. The Page Chaser never fails to turn every page for you. You won’t lose this bookmark, a Red Dot Design Award winner, as it is always located on the page you’re reading and stays there when you close the book.

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