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Compatible with Apple Watch Series 1 and 2.


Free Global Shipping + 12 Month Warranty
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Protect and Charge

Our goal? To protect Apple Watch whilst providing a simple, elegant way to charge and travel with it. Meet Watchkeeper; a sleek protective carry case + charging dock, with MagSafe integration for neat charging, and hidden internal cable storage. [layout type="one-column-end"][layout type="wide-image-start"]

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Cables. Managed.

WatchKeeper is designed to neatly manage every task by completely integrating your MagSafe charge cable.  Time to charge? Simply install your charge cable and place your Apple Watch into the precisely moulded silicone tray and charging begins.  On the move? The charging cable wraps within the base of Watchkeeper and stays out of the way until needed.

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Travel Ready

WatchKeeper stores everything you need within a leather wrapped protective casing. Beneath the leather is a steel unibody core that protects your watch against drops and bumps.
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Match Your Style.

Available in two beautiful leather finishes to match your personal style.
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Compatible With Every Watch.

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