We Built our Business by Bringing Ideas to Life.

Since 2010, Proper has brought hundreds of products to life, spanning our internal branded consumer and commercial ranges, alongside consulting projects.

We combine rapid ideation methodologies with deep design, manufacturing, packaging and end user experience.

Having multiple disciplines under one roof means we're with you for the entire journey and invested in your success, with complete oversight from concept to market leading product in the hands of happy users.


01 Brief

For each solution we map the user and functional requirements in detail to ensure that we include all variables, requests and factors. The brief is a living document which is updated throughout the design process as we understand the needs better.

02 Design Direction

Based on the brief, we are able to compile a range of ideas and concepts which aim to solve the needs identified. The design direction is not only about how something looks and interacts with another part, but how the system works as a whole - including user experience, maintenance and modularity.

03 Prototyping and Testing

Following the design direction, we’re able to start producing prototypes to not only test how well a solution works for a user, but also to test mechanical, material, fit, finish and wear of components and assemblies. 

04 Design for Manufacture

We internally employ a variety of methods for manufacture and how we design for those approaches. The same applies to any client or custom project. For example, we can design a part to be fabricated in low volumes for initial roll-outs at a low investment, higher unit cost - before moving to mass manufacturing which involves high investment and attracts a lower unit costs.

05 Production

Production ready designs are a result of the DFM stage, and being production ready is based on having strict quality control measures in place, vetted and trusted suppliers and strong negotiation experience.

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