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Secure, Robust and Seamless 

Beautiful Aluminium stands to get your Lavu Point of Sale system up and running in minutes.

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Step 1. Choose your Stand

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Rotate & Lock.

The P/O/S Swivel Stand is designed to be installed permanently via integrated screw through-holes, and includes integrated cable routing through the base. The P/O/S Swivel Stand rotates smoothly 180 degrees for easy screen sharing.


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Light & Portable.

The Pivot Stand is designed to be lightweight and portable, elevating your iPad on a hinged mount plate that can be forward or rear facing. Paired with either a Lock Belt or X Lock Case, mounting your iPad is via a simple 'Turn & Click'.


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Step 2. Choose your Case

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Minimal & Lockable.

The Lock Belt is a beautiful anodized Aluminium clamp that fits the precise profile of your iPad, and is installed securely using the two clamp screws.  An integrated Kensington Lock anchor point allows the lock belt to be a complete anti theft solution.

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